Responsible digital citizens

internet screen security protection
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Responsible digital citizenship consists of the strategies that may be employed to protect the online safety of self and others. Safety in respect to identity and personal data.

Personally I try not to divulge critical personal information, I am careful about whom I share my data with and about discussion the personal data of others on public forums. I try to restrict online shopping to only well known and secure sites.

Having just completed the bullying questionnaire was interesting as I realised that I probably need to learn a little more about this topic and that educating young people about this topic when they become active internet users is imperative. It is also interesting that proactive teaching about good social skills is more powerful than just showing students what they could do differently which may lead to guilt.

The cybersafety quiz is quite an engaging lead in to further classroom discussion about responsible digital citizenship.

Ultimately the strong social skills provide a solid foundation for (usually) making better choices, therefore responsible digital citizenship is grounded in good social skills.


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