Pumpkins and maths…

pumpkinsIt’s autumn and that means that pumpkins are cheap. Yay! I’ve bought two today that will feature in my prep maths lessons throughout the week.

Some time ago I came across an interesting lesson idea by Judy Christiansen based around Jeanne Titherington’s book “Pumpkin Pumpkin”. I loved the ideas and have been discussing with my mentor how we might use some of them in the prep class and I thought I would share of my ideas in case they might be of interest to others in the Prep setting.  I will introduce the pumpkin maths mini unit by showing the above YouTube video of a reading of the Pumpkin Pumpkin story by Jeanne Titherington. Throughout the week students will use non standardised measurements (string) to measure their wrist, their neck and their waist in pairs. I hope it will end of looking good in a classroom display.

measurement pumpkinsprep measure pumpkin

I also came across some great lesson ideas incorporating pumpkins at the Mathswire site. Should be a fun week, students will determine which pumpkin is bigger/heavier. We will remove the seeds, wash them and give some to each child to count and see who has the most pumpkin seeds, we’ll make soup or pumpkin scones and finally, we’ll plant some of the seeds. As I have to make up a day due to illness I will be back in a week and we can see whose seed has grown the most.

Mmm… looking forward to pumpkin scones – yum!

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