Handwriting in the early years

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was in the middle of trying to think of interesting ways of incorporating ICT into handwriting. Controversial right? This paper released by Saperstein and Associates after the “Handwriting in the 21st Century? An educational Summit”, certainly makes readers aware of the, sometimes forgotten, advantages of handwriting such as “increased brain activation” (Saperstein et al, 2012), so there is definitely something to be said about the benefits of handwriting. However, to support the process of handwriting there are numerous apps available which, in my opinion, make nice alternatives to just using the pen and paper method.

I found some apps that support Queensland handwriting but they are unfortunately not cheap at around $8.00 such as School Writing, or $5.00 for Red Writing. In the past I have used Lazoo in pre-writing activities. It provides opportunity for children to practice their prewriting skills, making loops, zig-zags etc. in a fun game environment.

How do you use technology to support handwriting?

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