My adventures in Prep

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Wow, I am so excited! I will be working in a beautiful Prep class for my PE. I can’t wait.

I met with my mentor and her class on Friday and am already bubbling with ideas. My mentor is inventive and happy to share resources – fantastic! She’s already shown me two fabulous ideas. I particularly like the way in which she encourages the children to remember their sentences.

After the whole class introduction to the text and subsequent lead in to writing task the teacher asks students to tell her what they will write in their sentence, i.e. “the cat sat on the mat”, she then says the sentence back to the student whilst placing a plastic counter in their hand for each word, students then reflect how many words will be in their sentence, in this instance there would be six counters in the child’s hand. Students then take their counters to their desk, place them above the writing line and after they have written one of their words they place a counter after it to act as a spacer. This method provides students with a concrete anchor to the words in their sentence and acts as a finger space at the same time…brilliant! It does take the students a little while to get used to the system but it’s a great scaffold.

What great writing strategies have you noticed in early years writing?


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